Fishing T-shirts with cool fish motifs

Luckily there are the fishing t-shirts from Fin Buddies

Many anglers would like to have fancy shirts with their favorite fishes on it. Here you will find many different fish species in the unique Fin Buddies style: lovingly drawn by hand and printed on high quality organic shirts by an experienced partner and shipped directly to you. Each individual fishing shirt is thus a tribute to the depicted fish.

Angel T-Shirts mit Bachforelle und Hecht

Fishing T-Shirts in great collections with the most popular target fishes

Domestic predatory fish

Very many anglers prefer to fish for predatory fish. Whether pike, pikeperch or perch - fishing with artificial or natural lures on these predators just won't let you go. With us you will find the right fishing T-shirt with your favorite - alone or as a triple with pike, perch and pike-perch or even as a quartet, if the catfish joins them.

Hecht für Angler-Klamotten

Trout & Friends

If you are a "troutbum" and love to spend your time on the trout stream or on the coast chasing sea trout, then our Trout & Friends are just what you are looking for. Brown tro ut, rainbow tro ut, char and also their "friends" like barbel and grayling you will find in this collection. Of course, many fly fishers also appreciate the fishing T-shirts with these fish.

Bachforelle und Meerforelle


Sea anglers get their money's worth with our Norway collection. There you will find your fishing T-shirt with cod, pollock, halibut and Co, but the cute redfish. Insider tip - in addition to T-shirts, we also offer hoodies with these fish, of course, because in Norway it can be a little colder sometimes.

Norwegen Dorsch und Seelachs

Big Game and Tropics

If you are already getting cold while reading the Norway collection you might be a case for our Big Game and Tropics category. There you'll find our most extreme predators from warm waters: Giant Trevally, Tuna, Peacock and Co you will find there for your fishing shirt.

Thunfisch und Giant Trevally. - Fin Buddies

Your personalized Fishing T-Shirt

All Fin Buddies can also be customized for you personally, for your club or your fishing crew. This is very easy with our personalizer. Have fun designing your very own personalized fishing t-shirt!

Fishing T-shirts that do good

Fin Buddies support angling conservation work. Specifically, this means that support the Association for Fishing and Conservation Thuringia e.V.. The association does great conservation and youth work. You can find out more on the "About us