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Who are the Fin Buddies?

We are lovingly drawn fish for anglers who are looking for a relaxed look with their favorite fish, without taking things too seriously or slipping into flat sayings. You'll find us on great fish t-shirts, fish hoodies and other fish-themed gear for anglers and all other fish lovers. We are drawn very detailed and therefore very real, but somehow also invented with our big eyes.

In any case, a must for every angler who wants to wear his favorite fish on the body and of course a great gift. Whether t-shirt, hoodie, cap or sweater, you will find it with us. And for the angler offspring there are great bibs, bodies and small cute T-shirts :-)

Who is behind it?

Alex and Holger are the makers behind Fin Buddies. Alex is the creative head and draws our fishes, Holger takes care of all the organizational and marketing stuff that is necessary so that you can dress your favorite fishes as Fin Buddies. We know each other - how could it be different - from fishing, from the youth group of the fishing club Hannover. It was a long time ago, meanwhile we are both just a little bit young and have children of our own.

FIn Buddies - die Angler Alex und Holger sind die Macher

Holger (with the trout) and Alex are the makers behind the Fin-Buddies.


Our fin buddies are very close to our hearts. You can see that in our assortment you will not only find the big, coveted sport fish like pike and giant trevally, but also the small, inconspicuous ones like the stickleback or the herring - just as lovingly drawn as the big target fish. As anglers and family men, it is also extremely important to us that our waters and the fish species diversity they contain are preserved for us and future generations.

Die Fin Buddies unterstützen die anglerische Naturschutzarbeit des VANT

With every purchase of a Fin Buddies outfit you support the work of the Association for Fishing and Nature Conservation Thuringia e.V.. Why this association? Well, if you follow the association on Facebook you will quickly realize that there is an extremely committed work for the protection of species on the water and also for the fishing youth work is done. We would like to support this commitment - join us! We are also very pleased about your support as a follower of our Instagram- and Facebook-account.


In our assortment we take up with priority products from sustainable production. This means that we prefer to offer textiles made from organically grown cotton or recycled synthetic fibers. In addition, when selecting products, we make sure that the energy for production comes from sustainable sources wherever possible. As a print-on-demand provider, we are of course dependent on our suppliers, but we use and welcome any expansion of their product ranges in the direction of more sustainability - for our environment and, in the sense of the Fin Buddies, above all for our waters!