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Du hast es in der Hand, wie dein persönliches Teil aussieht. Dein Fin Buddy, dein Text, deine Gestaltung!
Du kannst nicht nur Bekleidung gestalten, sondern auch viele weitere Artikel wie Tassen, Schürzen und noch viel mehr - insgesamt fast 180 unterschiedliche Artikel!

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Personalize your fishing t-shirt, hoodie and more

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As a true thoroughbred angler or hardcore angler, you think about fishing all the time. What could be more obvious than wearing your favorite fish on your clothes. With our personaliser, in addition to our numerous collection motifs, you have the opportunity to design your personal fishing t-shirt - completely individual and just for you. So personalizing your fishing t-shirt is easy. In addition to t-shirts, you can also design caps, hoodies, long sleeves, children's clothes, stickers, mugs and many other accessories. You can also add a design to our designs, eg your club logo.

Tips for designing your fishing t-shirt

  1. Choose the right motif : think about which of your favorite fish from the Fin Buddies you want to put on your t-shirt. Your choice should have meaning to you or just look cool.

  2. Customize your design : Use our easy-to-use design tools to further personalize your t-shirt. For example, you can add your name, a funny saying or the date of your biggest catch.

  3. Pay attention to the colors : Remember to choose colors that go well with each other. Your design should look good on the fabric of the t-shirt.

  4. Think about the size and positioning of the design : think about how big you want the design to be on the t-shirt and where it will be placed. Should it be big on the front or rather small and discreet on the back? It all depends on your personal style.

  5. Choose the right t-shirt size and style : We offer a variety of sizes and t-shirt styles. It doesn't matter whether you prefer it loose and comfortable or rather tight and figure-hugging - choose the t-shirt in which you feel most comfortable.

  6. Check your design : Before you send off your order, you should double-check everything. Make sure all elements are as you imagined.

With these tips you are well equipped to design your own fishing t-shirt. Go out and show everyone how cool fishing really is!

It's so easy to customize your fishing t-shirt!

It has never been so easy to create a unique and individual fishing t-shirt ! Our platform is specially designed to give you a seamless and easy experience when designing your own t-shirt. Whether you're a passionate angler looking to express your favorite hobby, or you're looking for a great gift for an avid fishing lover, our fishing t-shirts are the perfect choice.

Our designs are based on the cool fish from the Fin Buddies, offering a fun and unique way to show your love of fishing. From pike and carp to perch and Norway fish such as cod, pollock and halibut, we have something for every taste. You can leave these designs as is or personalize them even further with our easy-to-use online tool.

Imagine yourself standing on the shore of your favorite stretch of water, fishing rod in hand, dressed in your personal fishing t-shirt that you have designed yourself. Not only does it show your passion for fishing, it also reflects your personality.

Browse our extensive collection of fishing t-shirts and start designing your one-of-a-kind piece today. It's time to take your fishing experience to the next level and express your love for fishing with a t-shirt that you have designed yourself.

Do it sustainably, please :-)

We have two requests to you: in the personaliser, for technical reasons we cannot restrict the product selection to sustainable organic products, as we do in our standard range. Please consider whether clean production is worth a small surcharge and whether you should therefore choose organic products from the range of products on offer and create a more environmentally friendly product. We think it is the right way not to offer cheap textiles that are produced under questionable conditions.

Please also take a close look at the measurement table so that your selected size fits really well. We would like to avoid unsuitably produced clothes and thus reduce unnecessary environmental pollution and of course costs. Thank you for your attention, this is really important to us. But of course you alone decide on your personal Fin Buddies outfit. Tight lines!